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Modifying my Mazda 3

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  • Modifying my Mazda 3

    Hey Guys! Love the community here and the videos! Have just recently gotten into cars in the recent years and had a crazy idea - but am wondering if its possible so wanted to get some opinions from some avid mightycarmod fans!

    I currently drive a mazda 3 and am wondering if its possible to modify the car and put seat warmers on the driver and passenger seats.

    Is this possible guys!?

    Keen to hear your ideas!


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    What year is your Mazda 3 ?


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      No reason why not.
      If you're happy with it just taking the chill off, rather than 'heating' it, you can get USB "electric blankets".
      They're not great, but they do have some effect.

      All you need to do is take the fabric off your foam on the seats, put the heater pad where you want it, and re-cover.
      It's 'simple', but a LOT of struggling to deal with OEM seat coverings, they're on TIGHT.

      Of course, you could do the same trick with aftermarket seat covers for worlds of easier effort.
      That way you could remove them when the weather is warm.


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        My Mazda is a 2012 model!

        That is such a great suggestion! i didnt even think of that, much cheaper and i suppose an easy fix for the time being and love that its versatile enough to remove in the summer time! Thankyou Master_scythe! i'll definitely give this a go!


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          Glad to help
          Keep in mind, USB heating pads are "shit", very weak, but combined with body heat they'll do something within 5 minutes of sitting on them.

          Other option would be to find something that runs on 12v, and wire it straight to a cigarette plug, rather than USB and power it through the ciggy lighter.
          12v heating pads would be MUCH better; just depends how much you need.


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            i remember than a firm than made cover seats, had a similar solution.

            It's a little more expensive, but i think it would be preferable to the USB pads.

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