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My online store order doesn't seem to ship

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  • My online store order doesn't seem to ship

    Hello guys,

    On june 3rd, I got my order confirmation for an online purchase.
    I live in the Netherlands, so I understand that it would take a little while to get here.

    The thing is, it's almost been a month, and it hasn't even left Australia yet.
    I've noticed my package has been in Sydney for 2 weeks now, and hasn't moved since.
    Is there any way I can have an update on it, or do I just have to wait a little longer?

    I figured I made a forum post about this since there isn't really another way to get some help

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hey mate

    It may have actually left Australia on the 15th! The tracking updates are not accurate, and sometimes will not update until after it has been delivered.

    You can send an email with your sales/order number to [email protected] and it might be possible to check with Auspost to see if it has actually left.

    As far as I'm aware, the post service is still running really slowly, although 4-5 weeks to reach Europe is normal.


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      Hey man,

      Thanks for the reply!

      I'll send an email right away.