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    Ive been following MCM for a while now and its been a big part in shaping my interest in cars. I hope to look forward to looking around the forums and hopefully meeting some people and learning a few things along the way. Cheers.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Any particular car, or type of car, tickles your fancy more than any other? Personally I must say the MCM lads have opened my eyes to the joy of reliable yet fun motoring with their escapades with Japanese cars, so much so that I now actually like my Mk1 Yaris and will replace it with a Mk2 version next year that I hope to do some gentle modding to.


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      Thats pretty neet, yaris's are nifty little cars. Im mostly interested in older Japanese cars but I enjoy a bit if everything. I reckon galant vr4's are one of the neatest cars out there IMO.


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        Yeah, the Galant VR4 were rather cool cars, probably not easy to find a good one nowadays.