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    Hi, I am new on this forum wanted to email marty or moog to convey this message ..I AM A BIG FAN from PAKISTAN . wached every single video buin t could afford to buy a ride or do ant mods.

    Recently graduated . I am planing to study in Australia to experience the culture especially Mighty car Mods culture ....Plz help me if some one can in form of sponsorship for visa or financial.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm not in Australia myself so can't advice on visas and suchlike, but perhaps there is some student visa scheme via the university you are hoping to attend?


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      yeah but COVID


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        SOOO KEEN ON COMING TO AUSTRALIA FOR Experiencing MCM culture and Australian car culture


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          Originally posted by ammarhp97 View Post
          yeah but COVID
          Yeah I know what you mean, this covid situation really has messed up everyone’s plans.


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            Yep, you'll need to wait until COVID is 'sorted out'. I guess it means your goals become a 3 year plan, not a 1 year plan. It's not the end of the world.
            Use the extra time to scrimp and save everything you can; one thing about Australia is that living costs are expensive.

            Products, not so much, but $200+ rent per week, in a city, isn't uncommon for just a bedroom.
            Our fast-food is up to 10X what you'd see in the USA (but It's also way less processed); fresh food is fairly affordable.

            You won't get someone randomly sponsoring you, it's not our culture. While Australia is not as racist as people like to pretend, we certainly don't go out of our way to 'look for' foreign people; but if they're hard workers and made it here, then, expect to receive full respect

            Once the boarders do open, one common entry way (via a work VISA) is fruit picking; COVID has causes us a major fresh food shortage and huge spoilage, because we had nobody to pick it.

            If you were interested in an actual apprenticeship in something; get some industry experience where you are (ANY type of experience in that field), then get on the PHONE.
            Most Aussies in the 45+yo bracket are still pretty oldschool.
            The Internet is for 'time wasting' and the phone, or mail, is for business.
            You'll get overlooked for everything if you're just sending emails, but if you phone some places, and can say "I know this already, I want to learn more, I can send you references from my current boss", you might find someone who's willing to give you a go.

            That's about all the advice I can think of right now; but seriously, make it a 3 year plan, I don't think we'll be opening borders for another 18+ months to anywhere out of NZ and possibly Japan\Korea\China; we're a giant island, so while other countries have had to face the FACT that covid 'will get in' somewhere, we literally have a giant wall of water protecting us.

            Until we know which vaccines are 'near perfect' or we find a treatment, the government won't be welcoming new arrivals.