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New to the Subie Scene and modifying cars

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  • New to the Subie Scene and modifying cars

    Hey guys,

    My name's Matt and I'm new to the Subie Scene and modifying cars. I recently purchased a bugeye WRX (see photo). I wanted a mean eye rex but they are way too expensive at the moment so I got one that a lot of people hate. My car is a 2001 WRX which already has the following mods:

    Upgraded breaks with braided lines Cold Air induction
    Lowered on coil overs
    Angel eye Headlights.

    I'm wanting to upgrade the turbo and injectors as it has the original TD04 Turbo and injectors. What's the best bang for buck upgrade? I don't want to make crazy power just something that will give it a bit more punch with the standard internals. I look forward to your opinions.


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    bugeyes are the best! and that color is badass, im not gonna be super helpful because im in the usa and we kinda have our own way of doing subarus over here. get yourself some sti pink injectors, dead cheap and a good upgrade, vf22 would be an epic turbo upgrade as theyre oem so stock location and theyre ball bearing, otherwise any single scroll oem turbo will work with the exception of 4th gen legacy/liberty turbos, sh forester xt turbos or 08 plus wrx turbos because they have a different intercooler setup and therefore have a flange on the turbo housing.


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      Thanks for the info. I was considering a VF34 Turbo with STI pink injectors. From what I've read that turbo will also fit in the factory location. Should I also upgrade the intercooler at the same time? There is a place here in Sydney, Australia called STI Haven that only get Subaru wrecks and parts out the vehicle. Would you recommend getting second hand turbo and injectors?


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        Yeah second hand turbo and injectors is a great option, you can always get the injectors flow tested. It's usually recommend that you get a bigger intercooler anytime you go bigger turbo on a wrx, used sti intercoolers are plenty sufficient and can be had cheap