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MK2 Golf 20vt England

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  • MK2 Golf 20vt England

    Hi, i thought i'd better sign up as i've been looking at this forum for a while and the facebook page and thought i'd share my journey on my MK2.

    This is how i picked the car up several years ago, a standard 8v gti.

    Along the way i have upgraded some things.

    Added on some S2 twin pots

    changed the engine to a more powerful 20vt

    Polybushed the under side, stripped all the subframes out and powdercoated them, had the front end and engine bay sprayed and re-wired the whole car with new wire

    now it looks like this:

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    Welcome to the MCM forums mate

    Clean looking mk2, not many going about these days.
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

    Project Diesel Tune:

    My new Daily HA36S Alto Works

    Martin's Kei to success