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Hello fellow people of the interwebs

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  • Hello fellow people of the interwebs

    I'm just a guy with three broken vehicles and a dream. I've been watching mcm for a very long time and figured it was about time I just made an account on here. I do all of my own work on my cars, (hence them all being down at the moment) and I do it all through self learning. I'm half way through a full engine rebuild for my 91 Miata and a suspension rebuild for my 05 Suzuki Aerio. I love that Suzuki so much for what it is. I like putting effort into weird cars like that Suzuki that I think the majority of people wouldn't. I also have an 06 Triumph Bonneville America as my bike. I hope to make some friends on here and have some good chats. Sorry for my terrible post structure as I don't have much experience on forums in general.

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    Welcome to the MCM forums!

    Sounds like some fun projects you've got on the go, had to google what a Suzuki Aerio looks like and turns out it's the one they're selling as the Suzuki Liana this side of the pond. A nice wee car I would think. Do you have the model with the 2.3 litre engine? It must be quite a potent little nugget with that one!