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Moving To Australia!

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  • Moving To Australia!

    Hello! My names kyle, I’m 20 years old and I’m from north of Scotland! I’ve been a massive fan of MCM since I was 13/14 I think. The channel made me fall in love with cars and actually helped me decide what I wanted to do in life! I’m now a fully trained mechanic.

    As of November this year I’m moving to Australia on a working visa. Although been told it would be nearly impossible to get a job in a garage? Which is okay but I am trained for that job which is annoying.

    I’m 50/50 to go to Brisbane or Sydney. I’ve got a couple months to decide but was just wondering what’s best for like, a car scene and night life. I love a road trip so hopefully after a couple months be able to buy my own motor. Hopefully meet people through the scene who can help out etc with the difference in laws. Would also love a track day as scotlands tracks are very short!

    I’m super excited to move out here and hopefully meet some new friends and experience some amazing things.
    i will most likely be staying for two years. Never know might never come back to Scotland but we will see!

    let’s see your motors also!

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    Welcome to the forums, Kyle! That sounds very exciting going to Australia for a couple of years to (hopefully) work, best of luck! I obviously don't live down there so can't help with where to go and where to try and find a job, but hope you'll get something sorted before too long.