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PAWS - A quick introduction

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  • PAWS - A quick introduction

    Hi there peeps, my name is 'paws'.

    I am a father by day and an IT consultant of sorts otherwise know as a computer god by night. I specialise in security and automation, so please feel free to hit me up if you have any questions around those subjects, I am an egomaniac so I will work for praise!!! =P

    About my ride - I have a 2005 Subaru Liberty GT Wagon with the 2.0lt Turbo. It has done 240,000km so far and I am going to keep thrashing on it until it hits 500k!!!

    The car is basically stock, I just spend $4000 getting a bunch of seals replaced as well as other long term maintenance jobs to keep the old girl running but I have a few bolt on mods planned for down the track including a new intercooler and intake which I plan on replacing with process west gear.
    I would also really like to get a haltec ECU, because reasons..

    And in a nutshell that is me!

    I hope anyone reading this is having a good day.. PEACE!

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    Ohh snap - a quick follow up about my otheer cars that I have in the shed.

    My wife drive a 2007 Jimny that is stock as stock can be.. For now... What a little beast... She got it for her first car when we first met because I insisted she learn to drive a manual. She love the thing as much as anyone could. We have taken it off road a few times and found it to be completely unstoppable!

    My other car is a 1976 KE36 panel van (Corolla‚Äč) which is sitting in the shed rusting away waiting for a new engine. I was going to try and do an EV swap but in the interest of getting it done have recently decided that maybe a K swap would be a better optinon. If anyone out there has experience with this car and wants to tell me what engine I should put in it, reach out!