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Another MCM Follower=]

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  • Another MCM Follower=]

    Wat's up Mates,

    My name is Caleb recently turned 18 from NY. Yes i live in the states. I've been into imports since 8 yrs old. I think American cars are rubbish compared to imports. hahaha. I did some street racing when i first was put in the driver's seat and thought it wasn't a good idea. I later started to drift and loved it ever since. I've been fortunate to drive some of the best cars around, S15, 350z, Supra, Evo IX, and others. Cars is my life either i tweak them to get faster and now i'm going to college this fall to become a Mechanical Engineer. All i watch now is Top Gear and of course MCM. I'm here to support them and we all should.

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    Thanks mate! i did notice a massive shortage of imported japanese metal while in the states. Welcome to the site, and good luck with the college persuits
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      hahahahaha. yea the states stick with their overpowered cars and horrific handling. thanx marty alot and appreciate your genius.