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MCM 7 Day Challenge PART 2

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  • MCM 7 Day Challenge PART 2

    So a little while ago a group of us embarked on a 7 day challenge. The challenge was to avoid all processed sugar for 7 full days. No lollies, chocolate, ice-cream or soft drinks etc. Naturally occurring sugars were OK (sultanas, fruit etc)

    Other than the obvious health benefits, a lot of people who felt they were overweight lost many kilos, and all the while there was a thread where everyone could go for support and to share how they were going - and it was hard! I got sick two days into mine and was in bed on my ass for the next 3 days. Other people had really bad withdrawals. Some people didn't make it to the end, but a lot did. Most importantly, the challenge was about pushing ourselves to achieve something as a group. We became a tight knit group after a few days and had a shared experience of pushing through the hardships, and it was a really valuable experience. So its time to do it again!

    From Monday next week 3rd September we will begin another 7 day challenge. Everyone is welcome and I urge you to take part for the fun of it and for the challenge.

    THIS CHALLENGE (if you choose to accept it is) 30 minutes of exercise every day.

    I'm not going to prescribe what that exercise is because everyone will be at different levels of fitness, but the core baseline should be RUNNING, JOGGING or WALKING that increases heart rate For those just starting off and haven't done much cardio for a while, start slow. Check with your doctor or get some advice if you need to.

    If you miss a day, you start again. It is 7 consecutive days. You could start by walking. You could get together with your flat mates and do a 5 minute jog, then 20 minute walk, then 5 minute jog to get started. It's up to you but work to your own ability. It's more a mental game then a physical one. To set your alarm early. To go out at night and exercise after work when you're tired. The REAL work begins when you don't want to do it and you push yourself anyway. Thats where the gold is! And you're never going to know yourself until you try.

    Its simple, and the whole group will be using this thread as support and encouragement so use it frequently and post up how you're going.

    Officially (as far as health reports go) we are meant to do 30 minutes EVERY DAY. I don't know how people find the time, but I'm about to find out. MONDAY 3rd NEXT WEEK - 30 minutes every day. It's official.

    Just like a noodle bar, this is the perfect time to add some sauce to your challenge. In addition to the 30 minutes you can add something like:

    No junk food of any kind for 7 days
    No TV for 7 days
    20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 20 dips and 20 seconds sprinting (every day for 7 days - these exercises do not need any special equipment)
    No Beer
    No Smoking
    Help someone else every day for 7 days (may be helping your parents, a sibling with homework etc. Actually allocating 20 minutes time out to actively help someone else, every day
    No soft drink or coffee for 7 days

    It will mean getting up earlier. Maybe going to bed later. It will mean pushing yourself and getting off the internet for a while. Eating healthy and pushing yourselves in your own way. You never know, it may even turn into an ongoing healthy habit...

    The thing to remember, is that its not meant to be easy. People who go through life looking for an easy option never really grow much, and its when you are going through hardships that you get to know yourself the best.

    For me, I am committing to 30 minutes of exercise everyday + 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 20 dips and 20 seconds sprinting

    "The true measure of a man is not how he responds in peace, its how he responds in war" And this will be war. War on who you think you are and what you think you are capable of. We're going to challenge that and come out better for it at he other end.

    So who's with me for MCM CHALLENGE PART II?
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    MCM 7 Day Challenge PART 2

    I haven't been around for long, but I like where this is going.

    As long as its not "No Driving for 7 Days" I think I'm down.

    Not that it would be too likely here...
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      Keen for health related challenge.
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        I would say some of the health related one would be good. Also, could we do more than just the one challenge, like 30 minutes exercise and no junk food for 7 days?


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          What's this? A new spin off show? Mighty Body Mods?

          Good challenge though. I know a few people who've undertaken this challenge, and they always comment on how much more refreshed and more fulfilled they feel. However, living without an intake of sugar is actually harder than it seems. My mum is currently unable to have any natural sugar apart from Stevia/Equal and cutting out the sugar was not only difficult due to the body being addicted and not wanting to let go, but also due to the difficulty in finding foods that do not have sugar in them.
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            I'll take part in some sort of challenge, an exercise one might be best as I've been slacking hard lately


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              I'm up for it... as long as its no alcohol for the week. My 19th is the second, and that week will be one massive hangover
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                I'm interested. But I cant do anything to physical as I just dislocated my kneecap.

                I actually have a bit of a gut i want to get rid of.
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                    Can we get an official list of what the challenges are?

                    Im looking forward to it.


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                      I have a couple of mates pretty in to fitness and they do these body cleansing exercises regularly. They range from meat, coffee, alcohol to chocolate.
                      Their cleansing cycle is mostly 3 months...pretty committed!

                      I do a bit of exercise like what you have listed but there's been one thing I've been wanting to have a go at...kicking smoking.
                      I'm in, mon 3rd - mon 10th no ciggies for me.
                      I feel stressed just thinking about it.


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                        Originally posted by Password. View Post
                        Can we get an official list of what the challenges are?

                        Im looking forward to it.
                        I think the point of this thread is to brainstorm ideas, or give your input on which of the ones Moog listed in the OP you'd be down to try.


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                          Originally posted by Password. View Post
                          Can we get an official list of what the challenges are?

                          Im looking forward to it.
                          I think it's kind of make your own, Moogs are just suggestions.

                          EDIT: Badger beat me to it.


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                            MCM 7 Day Challenge PART 2

                            I m up for it....sounds good

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                              I am down im definitely looking forward to the challenge. In think im gonna take the no TV, 30 minutes of exercise, and helping someone else out. 7 days will fly by if you can find other ways of diversifying yourself while still accomplishing your goals. And i agree that you really do learn a lot about yourself and grow when you have to work for something. when you are faced with adversity i when your mind will unwrap itself and show its true potential.