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PDF file translation for Macs??????

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  • PDF file translation for Macs??????

    Hi people,

    I got a Fiat Grande Punto. All well and good however, I want a service manual for the thing. Haynes don't make one for this car so I have managed to procure a PDF file version of the one Fiat dealers use. Slight problem.... the thing is in Italian. Since I don't speak the Italian lingo I want to translate it.

    Google make this all sound very simple but most instructions are for Windows operating systems and I own a Macbook. Does anyone know how on Earth I can translate this PDF to English for as close to free as possible.

    Any help and you will make a friend for life.


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    You could try using some PDF to word converters and then try pasting that into google translate. There are a few online converters that you can use and they are simple and free so its worth a try.


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      Could you upload it to google docs and use chrome's translation feature?


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        hey, I would like to ask you if trimming mp3 files on a mac needs the same actions