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  • Originally posted by SirSharky View Post
    This one popped up on 9gag today, made me laugh ^^
    I know someone who did that, he wanted to make a cool picture of his Subaru in a rally environment (and he was drunk) so he parked it up to the windows in water in a small river.. Needless to say, the ECU was full of water and the car had to be towed (first out of the water, then after fixing failed, home on a trailer.)
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    Originally posted by milkchicken
    Oh man I hate it when the bolts on my car decide to strip, its so awkward.. I'm like dude I've got a partner I can't be seen doing this...


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      • 98 240sx Kouki - Build Thread


        • i know these were being done a few days ago.. But i thought id make one..


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            • Super late but...
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              • As a Honda (Acura) owner I can relate.


                • Originally posted by Avaitor100 View Post
                  As a Honda (Acura) owner I can relate.
                  hondas are fine, better to work on than anything else I have owned. its the ricers that ruin them


                  • I rate this meme a 10/10 IGN.
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                    • Originally posted by spanner monkey View Post

                      hondas are fine, better to work on than anything else I have owned. its the ricers that ruin them
                      Thank You!!!! Very few people understand this. Pretty much every meet/show every Honda/Acura owner is considered a ricer unless they have an NSX or S2000.