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  • Hondas

    Honda's are beast man,Moog agrees,and rake Love's it,what more proof do you need that's Honda's are epic man!but also in America Honda's are easy to find/cheap, performance parts are cheap an easy to get and there's a huge cult following an love for Honda,plus there's loads of them at the local wreckers,I would love to hear why my points are valid or invalid in the other forum members opinions!

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      I agree with mister Honda here, I'd love the sound of VTEC, but I fail to see the discussion value of this thread


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        I thought the whole point of the sight was to discuss and enjoy cars of every nature,that's exactly what I'm trying to get started is a good discussion about our love of automobiles,I couldn't care less what brand just that we talk about it!


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          I'll admit I'm rather envious of just how many options Honda tuners have. Like they have so many engines to pick though, mix and match heads etc. And you'll find engine mounts for most combo's.
          94 RS-Ltd Roadster (NA8C)


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            There are alot of options and that's the main reason I was drawn to Honda's my 94 was hit last Saturday an I was almost killed but I am alive and I already bought a 90 Integra ls shell to put my modded beasty motor from the wreck into