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Team MCM in Ride to Conquer Cancer

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    Well done! I'm really glad to see you made it past the $6k mark, good luck with the ride tomorrow and Sunday!


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      We did it! PART 1

      Jade and I have completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012 last weekend on the 13th and 14th of October 2012! Here’s a summary in all of the weekend for your reading pleasure

      The Gear Prep:
      We checked all our gear and made sure we had everything we needed for the ride. The forecast with 10 days leading up to the weekend was rain, rain and more rain. So we had to prep for wet weather just in case. Meaning oil change from dry to wet drivetrain oil, checking all seals on framework, electronic computers and lighting seals, suspension seals, and wet weather cycling clothing to wear and test.
      We packed our camping gear for the 100km checkpoint and went through the check list and loaded all the stuff and both bikes into the back of the trusty Lancer Sportback to the starting point on the Friday before the ride.

      (Note: If you’re wondering why we choose mountain bikes instead of road bikes? Road bikes with skinny tyres are only good for high speed road cycling but are stuffed for anything else and are more prone to flats. We got our bikes cause we wanted to go anywhere and do anything with them with reliability, and not be bound by road conditions like road cyclists are (We didn't have these bikes *just* for this road ride). Also with the higher reliability of a true rugged marathon bike, the harsher country roads that were thrown at us were a breeze to ride through. Whilst watching countless road bikes on the side with flats and mechanical issues from the harsher roads, we think did very well without a single incident)

      The fundraising:
      With 3 days to go, we hit our target of $6000 fundraised AND following days overflowed by over $464.25! “Epic-maaaad” effort by everyone who donated to the cause!! This is the largest single Fundraising effort in Australian History with $5.7 Million Raised!! All of you who donated were part of it!!! Congratulations! A very special thanks goes to our key Sponsors:

      *MightyCarMods, *ClubCJ Lancer Club, *3rdmill I.T. Solutions, *Casa De Macau, *Daniel Skates from CrossFit Feel Good Hornsby and our *Major MCM auction Winners.

      A Big thanks goes out to everyone who donated online or in person at Car meets. Every dollar counted to this massive achievement in Australian History, and it could only have happened with your support!

      The Ride:
      The First day:
      The Start
      We arrived at Sydney Olympic Park at 5:30am in the morning and no rain!!! Had breakfast, final check over on the bikes and went to the starting line. Opening Ceremony started, and a few inspirational speeches and announcements, to the 1623 riders that made it to the start line in a chilly 6:15am morning, were made. The ride started off and we were on our way. We were freezing for the first 10kms before the body and the temperature fully warmed up. We would stop at the assigned pit stops for a snack and drink and continue on quickly.

      We weaved our way through suburbia of the inner west and western suburbs finally hitting the Westlink M7 Cycling Track at its mid-point. Fast smooth riding along there. We stopped for “lunch” (Although at 10:30am in the morning) at Ash Rd Sports Grounds Prestons, and made the mistake of eating way too much. It made the ride that little more difficult as our bodies were occupied digesting lots instead of riding for the next 20kms or so. Also we noticed every few KM at each major intersection, we had huge Harleys and their riders alongside the Police being the traffic control crew!! Interesting to sight to see!

      Pit Stop #2

      As we left the M7 Cycling track, there was one massively steep hill that Jade couldn’t make it up, so I grabbed her bike and mine and pushed them up together allowing her to rest a little. The roads also got harsher, shared country roads and all dirt and gravel shoulders. We would see and/or hear road bikes tyres literally explode (happens with 120+PSI tyres on these things) like a gunshot countless times. We started passing more and more break downs from tyres or failed drive trains (chains, gears, derailleurs being shaken apart and/or stressed beyond spec) as the day progressed to the end (Those that couldn’t get repaired with in hand tools we had to bring, would be repaired or picked up by ‘sweep crew’). The sights were beautiful of all the farm land and rolling greenery. However, getting a face full of cow fart when trying to breathe deeply riding up a hill wasn’t pleasant at times for anyone! We arrived at Camden at 1:45pm finishing 100kms with 3x 5min pit stops and 20min lunch without incident but with a sore arse.

      We arrived at camp, parked the bikes and setup our sleeping gear in our tent. They had hot showers there provided which was awesome!! Good refreshing shower and a look around at the camp site, we saw they had massages available. But they only had 8 masseuses for 1623 riders?! Yea couldn’t get an appointment... Fail…
      Instead we ensure we stretched properly and everything and had a couple of celebratory beers and massive dinner feed, the sounds of a live band playing all sorts of covers of all sorts of music.
      We hit bed around 8pm for a long rest before a 5am wake up next morning.

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        We did it! PART 2

        Second Day:

        5am wake up and pack up all our gear after a night in the rain. The bikes were soaked, good thing the wet weather prep paid off. Breakfast was had, scramble for the bathroom, and we were on the road by 7am.
        It was cold, bitterly so. The cold made things very hard to warm up to despite riding and moving the legs and arms. We saw a fair few riders come off their bikes at intersections or traffic lights, mostly due to loss of balance for whatever reason (tired/fatigue/cold/etc). But thankfully no rain!!!!

        We pressed on however waiting times at toilets at pitstops ment that 5 min pit stops would now be 20mins. But we were going A LOT faster on the return trip so we can afford the longer breaks. (I know we were surprised too)

        The route on the return trip was different but longer, taking us on the Westlink M7 Cyclist track further north and then cutting across east, making a longer trip. The rolling hills were long and a killer on the climbs, we just had to pace ourselves and not burn the legs out. Lunch wasn’t had until we were already 70kms through at the end of the M7 track meeting up with Old Windsor Road.

        We had lunch at Lady Penhryn Park Shanke Cres Kings Langley, didn’t make the same mistake this time by eating too much and ate most and packed the rest to eat on route if needed. Lots of traffic Jams at this lunch point made for a long time getting in and out for some riders. It was good to be on smoother roads once again though for that extra speed.

        On the final leg we were weaving through the inner west and making good progress, but the stop start nature of traffic lights and intersections was frustrating and ment we had to work twice as hard recovering that lost momentum and speed after stopping. A Head wind started developing wish was frustrating and it seemed that the riders were getting really spaced apart. At one point we didn’t see another rider in front or behind for 30mins.

        With 15kms to go my bad left knee came down with Iliotibial band syndrome suddenly and annoyingly. Link to explanation of ITBFS. This means that I was down to one leg for the remaining 15kms of cycling to the finish line. (Like running off 2 Cylinders in a 4cycl engine) I pressed on determined to finish and not let something like this stop me so close to the end.
        Reaching familiar training grounds around the Parramatta, Rhodes, and Homebush areas helped give us a second wind to press on faster and despite my one legged pedalling I was able to keep up a good pace. Also had a fellow rider we passed by say “Well here’s a team if ever I saw one! Keep it up guys!” coming into Parramatta park which was a good moral boost.

        When we got to the finish line on Olympic Boulevard we had crew and crowd cheerers going crazy and the announcer on the huge PA saying look at these guys side by side up the final stretch, congratulations to Jade and Nick from Team MightyCarMods for making it through! We crossed the line at 1:45pm (same finish time as day 1) but with 3x 20min breaks and 40min lunch. We did a lot faster day 2 despite the soreness and injury.

        Once again thanks to all for all our support, we thought of you all, the loved ones amongst us and the ones who are no longer with us through this ride. We are all home, fine and recovered. I came home to my mum surprising me with a big sign “welcome home and well done!” with a bottle of wine on it and my favourite homemade beef Lasagne in the fridge. Win…

        Channel Ten had some coverage of the Ride focusing on one Team in particular. Have a watch!
        Channel Ten - Fundraising Riders
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          Awesome work, both of you! Shame about the knee. 15km like that... ouch. Great dedication.

          How many riders finished from the original 1623?
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            Thanks mate!

            Yea was hard on the right leg but easier than it sounds to be honest. Wasn't like I couldn't move my left leg, just couldn't put it under any load while peddling, so it just became dead weight.

            Not sure to be honest but frequently saw the sweep crew
            Picking up riders and their bikes for repairs etc. But it wouldn't be too many who didn't make it I'd imagine.


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              wow guys!! We are so proud of you. What an incredible achievement. Looking forward to congratulating you in person. Mega props to both of you all the way from NZ!!
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                i know this is a bit late but congrats and if you theres a mcm team next year i would love to come down and ride in it
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