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E-mails, really

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  • E-mails, really

    Well, I got the forum rules email last night (a couple of weeks after the rule change) and just checked my e-mails, I have over 500 subscribed mighty car mods e-mails.

    They are deleted now, however, why am I getting an email about a reply to a thread when said post was made 2 weeks ago?

    Plus I am getting multiple emails on the same thread, I thought you got one until you visited the thread? I got dozens of social thread emails in one hit.

    Wtf is going on? More just arrived, now to go delete them.

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    Yeah I've been getting a bunch of notifications from weeks ago. Like I said in the other thread, it's because the rule email sort of 'backed up' every other notification email. It's just how it is. We've never actually done a mail-out that big, so a few bugs were to be expected.

    Give it time, the email notifications should clear themselves out reasonably soon.