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Any news on the backup?

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  • Any news on the backup?

    As Marty mentioned in his post (can't reply there though) you guys where working on maybe getting a 2015 backup up and running again. Any news regarding this?

    I'm in IT myself, and its mind blowing how a hoster just deletes an entire customer's forum including all of its backups, I've never heard of any company that does that ever, untill now.

    The website itself seemed to be fine. I'm guessing that its hosted somewhere else?

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    I just noticed Jmac edited the origional post that Marty wrote:

    jmacman EDIT: While your thread may be gone it is possible that some aspects were cached by Google. Search your thread name/title in google and click the cached button on the bottom right portion of the link to see what you can recover. We hope we will have some form of backup implemented but currently that is unknown. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The google cache thing worked for me, it's allowed me to repost the Yaris build thread at least.

    Wondering what happened to the Mighty Mira? Check out the (mostly completed) build Here

    Next up: Project Vevo - The Van Evo


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      The thread title was: slightly bigger french biscuitbox

      Either I'm doing it wrong, or its not there anymore

      I was doing it wrong, I found some bits and pieces. Will try to make something of it when I get home.
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        So I'm guessing this is never going to happen then...


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          Originally posted by Hiro View Post
          So I'm guessing this is never going to happen then...
          He's dead Jim


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            Feels like the forum has been forgotten, Facebook is the go to now? Which sucks cause I can browse Forums at work, not Facebook