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  • Mighty website mods

    Hey guys, big fan of the show. A bit late to the party, only started watching after seeing you on road kill (when is the next foursome happening??).

    Couple of suggestions for your website:


    I have used this theme on a few of my websites. Either this theme or theFox theme is pretty good and easy to use. Both themes come with visual composer so you can do some maaaad stuff with your vidz and posts.

    Not sure why you are using shopify, they charge you for everything. Woocommerce is free if you move to a WP platform. With WP you can also connect faceballs to your site, so posts from you make on the site are also posted on faceballs.

    Changing over the layout and adding the vid descriptions will also help getting some more views and more people to the site.

    Just a couple of suggestions for you. If you need some help just let me know.

    Tool Tips:

    Vacuum: Most people don't know that your vacuum has Gag mode. Instead of pushing harder on the head to get a deep clean. Flick the Gag mode switch located near the handle.

    Shifter: Like most things as tools get older they can get a little slack in them. Jamming something under the slot of the shifter can help you get a better grip of your nuts.

    Hammers: Grinde the tip on a regular basis to ensure you don't get rounded edges. This makes sure you don't slip off when nailing.

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    bump. I would be interested to see Marty reply to this topic.
    1991 Bronco Eddie Bauer ~ 351w EFI 5.8 (5752cc) ~ E4OD ~ BW1356 (Manual) ~ Manual Hub{s} ~ 265/75 r15


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      EDIT: Misunderstood.
      Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!