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    Please note that you require 10 posts or more to be able to post new threads in the Seek, Sell & Swap forum. The forum is a forum first, not a site for classifieds.

    Conditions of use:

    - MCM will not take any responsibility for any trades, money transfers, etc.
    - All members who use the forum, buy/sell at their own risk. Your goods for sale, money, personal details etc are solely your responsibility.
    - If a trade does go wrong, MCM cannot, and is not obligated, to help.
    - Editing or Removal of any threads, and/or Punishment/removal of any members for misuse of the forum, is a right of MCM for any reason or circumstance seen fit.
    - Nothing that is, definitly or generally, illegal, contraband, or restricted, etc.
    - Selling items belonging to you only - not on behalf of others. Things get messy when the car or whatever at your brother's uncle-in-law's mother's cousin's overseas monkey's house and it's his and you're selling it because he's away exploring South America etc. In other words, if you want to sell it, you need to have rightful, lawful ownership of it.
    - No excessive Bump spammage or excessive off-topic conversation.
    - No Spam. ("Check out my website here" "look at my eBay Sale" etc).
    - Board Moderation is only to maintain quality on the forums and to help minimise risk to its users - but is not guaranteed.
    - Rules may change at any time.
    - No 'private' sales of commercial quantities unless approved beforehand

    Guidelines for Threads:

    - Clear, concise titles and posts.
    - A decent description of what you're selling. Pics are great for FS threads.
    - Price, Condition.
    - Delivery options - eg pickup, mailed, couriered, etc.
    - Payment options.
    - Personal Details - Not asking for Birth Certificates and Passports here. Just a summary of your location and contact details. Country/State/Suburb or Postcode, Email, Phone possibly.

    Supplement: Guidelines for WTB Threads:

    - Location - particularly important for shipping, or large/bulky items
    - Your Budget
    - Preference for Pickup, Delivery etc
    - Detail - "I want to buy a car" won't help you any. If you're going to be vauge, have a reason eg "WTB Cheap engine for school project"
    - Specifics. Eg if you're looking for wheels, state what PCD, offset, width, diameter etc you require.
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    All members who want to Sell, Seek or Swap in this section MUST read this post prior to posting. If any post made in this section does not comply with the Conditions of use, posts will be edited, titles edited to comply with the other sticky found HERE, or removed all together.

    Thank you for reading and happy selling, seeking or swapping.

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