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For sale thread template

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  • For sale thread template

    Hey Marty/Moog/Rake etc.

    Thinking we need a template to enforce these forsale threads just becoming a mumbling mess whenever people post them.

    Ie. Everyone copy and pastes this.....

    Item: (A good, clear description of the goods)
    Location: (Where the seller is located)
    Item Condition: (Tread? No tread? Scratches etc....)
    Reason for selling: (This one isn't essential.....)
    Price and price conditions: It is ESSENTIAL to indicate a price – don’t ask for offers, this isn’t an auction house.(How much the seller wants and if it's negotiable, not negotiable or if the seller will separate the item (if it's a turbo and manifold for example)
    Extra Info: (Postage at buyers expense? Pickup only? etc.....)
    Pictures: (Again, not essential but assist with the sale.)

    Help keep everything in order etc, any threads not following this template gets told to fix it up within a day or two before it gets deleted etc.

    Just edit and sticky if you want
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    Good idea! Should help keep the threads clean.


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      I might add a bit to this :
      if you are selling it, put [FS]-*insert location here*
      if you want yo buy something, put [WTB]-*insert location here*

      ex: [FS]-NSW toyota camry stockies. 5 x 114.3


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        I may try and whip something up over the next few days. It can be a little tricky though, what goes into the post will typically depend on what you're selling.

        If not a template, perhaps a guide / example / do'n'don't post.