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Power FC to suit 2zzge

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  • Power FC to suit 2zzge

    I have my power fc to suit all 2zzge engines for sale.
    has been tuned for intake and exhaust for my 2005 corolla sportivo. (by Matty Spry @ P.I.T.S) on the Gold Coast.

    will fit celica as this power fc is originally made for the celica but uses a brash boys conversion harness to work with the sportivo they used to sell the harness alone for $1000!

    also comes with water temp sensor that you run inline with the radiator hose (not pictured as its still in my engine bay) this is for the stock temp gauge to work and for the power fc to control cold start etc.

    instant power and torque increase! lift has been lowered to 5500rpm (massive difference to the stock 6200rpm)
    and rev limit has been inreased to 8500rpm instead of the stock 8200rpm.

    all works perfectly but since i am going another route with the car i hhave decided to sell the power fc as it wont be needed.

    can also install back into my car for you to see it all working as it only takes about 5 mins to put it all back in.

    best bang for buck i have ever spent! and tuning is easy and additions of turbos/superchargers bigger injectors with ease.

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