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FS in SA: 2003 VY Calais V8 with extra gravy.

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  • FS in SA: 2003 VY Calais V8 with extra gravy.

    Time to sell my beloved Calais. Goes hard and sounds great.

    I really wanted to finish the car, but I'm moving interstate soon and can't afford to keep it anymore. Please fell free to ask me any questions. Yes I am negotiable within reason and I am being as honest as possible about the condition of the car, which is very good overall.

    Will provide updated pics soon.

    Car available after the 1st Sept.

    Odometer: 109,600km (I've done 49k kms in 5 years of ownership)
    Price: $17500 ONO. Too steep? Do not be afraid to negotiate!

    Mods Done:

    - Dual 3" X-Force exhaust mild steel (All fitted by Exhaust Technology)
    - 4-into-1 1 5/8" X-Force headers
    - 3" (4" body) Sureflo Ballistic 100cpi stainless steel cats.
    - MAFless tuned
    - Kenwood Touchscreen headunit with remote and GPS Sat Nav
    - Bluetooth Handsfree (CX-7)
    - Genuine HSV Bodykit (not the fibreglass shite)
    - 19" Gmax Extreme wheels with Federal 595 SS rubber at about 80%
    - Slightly modified Jurassic era 4sp automatic
    - Lovell springs & Monroe-GT lowered suspension
    - Deleted badges
    - Tinted 35% Nano XP metal film
    - Upgraded brushed metal effect Senator interior trims
    - Deleted towbar
    - Genuine VZ Calais Headlights
    - Genuine VZ Headlights
    - DBA Slotted discs all round with Bendix Ultimate pads

    Other features:
    - Power everything
    - Leather interior
    - LSD
    - Reverse sensors

    - Some minor scrapes and scratches courtesy of carpark fools and general use
    - Gutter rash on all wheels courtesy of the ex
    - Some exhaust vibration
    - Some power steering shudder
    - Drivers seat leather is wearing a bit

    Notes & Extras:
    - Brand new radiator installed
    - Car is regularly maintained and cleaned. NO FRUITYNESS.
    - Car will be fully serviced prior to sale
    - Car will be fully detailed and Opti-coated prior to sale
    - Will come with a free set of brand new, unused Motive Gear 3.91:1 diff gears so you have a mod to do when you buy!
    - Car will come with a second set of used 3.45 SS Gears as well
    - Car will come with original head unit
    - Due to a scrape on the chrome door trims, I have a set of replacement trims included with sale. (Extremely rare to find new)
    - Car will be sold with two extra PCMs if you wish to return it to stock form
    - Car will be sold with towbar if desired
    - Original S1 Calais bumper parts available if desired

    3.7L VQ37VHR Nissan 370z(The Raptor)
    5.7L LS1 VY Calais (The Brontosaurus) → FOR SALE ←

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    If only the missus would let me...

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      I understand. Me being single, I realize the choice between a woman and a car is a tough one...

      It's the car. It's always the car.
      3.7L VQ37VHR Nissan 370z(The Raptor)
      5.7L LS1 VY Calais (The Brontosaurus) → FOR SALE ←