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FS [VIC] 2003 Impul Stagea M35

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  • FS [VIC] 2003 Impul Stagea M35

    Hey all,

    I haven't posted on here in forever but I've been busy, life and such. However that aside I have to sadly sell my Stag (I can't bring her overseas with me). I'm looking at serious offers and strickly NO joyrides. I don't have the time or energy to have people wanting to come and have a look and take her for a spin but not be interested in buying the car. Wanna joy ride, find a mate with one. That out of the way.. this is the car..

    Car has a little over 120,000km on the clock and comes with tonnes of extras. Spare turbo (suitable for a high flow) 2 extra sets of suspension both stock and Tein (the tein set needs a rebuild though) and heaps other bits and pieces.

    On the car now
    Ssr 18" rims with advan dB tyres.
    Greddy info meter
    Blitz boost gauge
    Greddy profec boost controller (set at a comfortable15psi)
    Kenwood head unit with focal splits front, focal rear (unknown amp)
    Full Impul body kit
    Impul ecu
    Guiletta wing
    350z steering wheel
    Stagea boot liner
    Dash camera (all neatly wired up)
    Calsonic fmic
    Bc coilovers
    K&N air filter
    Scotty's dump pipe
    Impul cat back with a custom front section
    Full Japanese Viper alarm system

    The good:
    Car drives like a dream. Suspension is stiff but comfortable (coming from Hondas anything thats not Honda suspension is comfortable) and at a managable height. Plenty of room to go lower (though you may scrape the belly). Engine feels strong and holds boost easy (I only dropped the boost to 15psi to help keep the turbo happy, last longer and for fuel economy), transmission/drivetrain has no clunks or problems and Atessa works perfectly. Interior is spotless no rips or damage, the 350Z steering wheel has some wear but its only noticable if you take a close look (I'm also a bit fussy so it may not be as bad as I think).

    The bad:
    The front brakes are almost gone (thats being honest). I had planned on getting them done but situations changed and I couldn't afford to get them done so the car has now been driven on a limited basis (once a month it will go into town and back). They are not dangerous but may not pass a roadworthy. Body work is fairly good besides the paint chipping on the front bumper (rocks etc do damage as you can imagine but this is the same way I got the car). There is a dent in the drivers door (right near the seam) from a wonderful little Kangaroo that decided to take a close look at my car while I was driving down my driveway. This could be pulled out easily (I never did it because money and it had history) and its not that big.

    Thats pretty much it, I love this car and I am sad to have to even think about selling it but I won't be able to take it with me when I move overseas (import costs outweigh the use I would get out of the car) so it needs to find a home before I leave.

    I'm willing to be flexible on the price but I'm not looking for low ballers, I still have my pride you know. I've put a lot of love and care into this car since I got it 3 years ago. I have never had a problem with this car and it has taken me everywhere I've wanted to go with ease and joy. The exhaust sounds amazing and I always love taking it for a drive, I will miss it if I'm honest. Its a big head turner from old people to young people both car and non car people. Its not a police magnet that I've found but I also don't drive like a idiot to get attention. It looks like a volvo to most people so you won't get hassled like you will in other cars. I would make a great family car or daily. I don't think the turbo Stageas are P plater friendly however, you may need to check in your state (p plates were way too long ago for me).

    Price wise (this is always the hard part). I'm looking for around $11,000. The car WILL NOT have registration when sold (there was only a few weeks left on the registration anyway so it will be cancelled). Like always I am flexible on the price but this is within reason, don't offer something stupid or a swap, I don't need another car.

    Car is located in Country Victoria. Any questions please feel free to PM me. I'm not looking for a fast sale but it
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