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Seeking ADR compliant piping bracket through battery tray

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  • Seeking ADR compliant piping bracket through battery tray

    Hey guys, I am looking for an intercooler piping bracket that was shown in one of the episodes of MCM.
    I am doing a CAI for my Lancer and the path from my stock fog light hole in my front bumper to the stock air box has engine bay bodywork in between. That ADR compliant intercooler bracket would be perfect for this use too and would keep it legal.
    Does anyone know the supplier, or that episode?
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    Aha! you jogged my memory!

    I found the video you were asking about, its called "Nissan S15 Silvia Turbo Supporting Mods" - now you're looking for the adapter for the piping, and at about 7:48 in the video Moog explains that Intercooler Flange Adapter - In the video he said that it was made by Option One Garage, and after some internet sleuthing it looks like they don't make it anymore.

    There may be some other companies that sell a fully ADR compliant, and Engineer Certificate-ed part, but i've not seen one for a while..

    Some forum folks on the Nissan Silvia Forum said that there are a number of ways to get around it, you could welt in a peice of pipe the same size as the intercooling pipe, as long as it was attached to the tray.. some said just reinforce the tray with another metal plate among many more options. However i'd be checking with a local mechanic or engineer to see what rules apply to you and what applies to your build, then you could hash out a plan to properly make it all legal, In some states, you may need a Mod Plate, or you might just need the engineering certificate.. either way - check before you mod!

    Hope this helps!

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    Yeah... Thats about it..


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      Thanks for your help Darkus505,
      I was still going through old episodes to find it, at least I know now. The search continues...