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Maybe something for MOOG/ Marty. Location: Noto Japan.

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  • Maybe something for MOOG/ Marty. Location: Noto Japan.

    I had one hell of a trip yesterday actually. I went to the GTR Temple... The exact location I wont put up online as you can imagine GTR and Temple arent the most common mix of elements. But I may have found a GTR.... Maybe. If you guys are still wanting a R34 please contact me on here or my facebook. I may be able to get you a roller probably not a full car but at least the body and all of the guts. I thought I had a cheap one for you but it was just a conversion of another car with all R34 parts. I am pretty sure I can get you a decent shell with guts for much less than you paid to get the 240.

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    I have one and I registered just to post this: If you fellas were interested in it, I'd sell it to you. I was actually browsing to do some market analysis on what it's worth since I want to go grab a used Tesla Model S.

    I'd love to see it go to a place out of the ordinary. March 1999 V-Spec, bought it from auction in 2013, presently at 90,000km. Only major thing is that a clutch replacement is in its near future.

    Only caveat is that the car is presently in BC, Canada...


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      Martin.... This is your golden goose. Shipping is like 4 gs max and there wont be asbestos in hte car!