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    This is my partners car that he has decided to sell, the link is here:

    Time has come for me to much begrudgingly part with my mx5, as you can guess its no ordinary mx.

    Brought this as a stock gold 1.8 in 2018 and spent the winter dropping in a rover carbed 3.5 v8 engine but has seen many upgrades since the original install, its also been painted in Nissan LP2 Midnight purple.

    Engine / drive train specs:
    • 3.5 with 8.5:1 compression pistons (new rings and bottom end bearings)
    • 3.9 EFI camshaft
    • single exit sidepipe
    • rover 14CUX EFI ecu with a tornado re-map and loom
    • Range rover 4.4 fuel pump
    • intermediate front timing cover (better oil pump and uses a serpentine belt)
    • Eaton M112 supercharger (belt ratio to about 12psi boost pressure)
    • Bolted to a LT77 manual gearbox
    • Torson type 2 LSD with a 3.6:1 ratio from a fuji diff
    Sadly the horsepower is unknown due to this car not being finished.

    Good bits:
    • Brakes are spot on with good discs and Roddisons trackday pads
    • Mk2.5 front bumper headlights
    • Custom prop shaft made by D&F propshafts
    • 4 brand new shocks
    • Oil pressure / water temp and boost gauges
    • Android double din head unit with behind seat sub woofer
    • Had a replacement roof at some point in its life
    • 17" rota alloys with goodyear 215/45/17 tyres all round (less than a year old)
    • Bucket seats and a harness bar (tatty but work)
    • MOT till the 31st may
    • Not only is it a head turner, the look of confusion on peoples face is priceless
    • Did i mention it sounds awesome?!
    Bad bits:
    • Oil leak from the sump
    • Paint needs some touch ups
    • Has an intermittent stalling problem while warming up
    • gear ratios are not meant for motorway speeds. 70mph = about 3400-4000rpm
    Sadly iv got to move on with things and i dont have to time to finish this project, currently it needs
    • Oxygen sensors installing in the exhaust (this come with the sale including the threaded inserts to weld)
    • Methanol injection as 12psi and no inter cooler cause detonation (i also have the making of this included in the sale)
    • ECU will need tuning now its on a supercharged engine (i have socketed the ecu for this and will include a new eeprom with sale)
    • Includes a diagnostic wire and software for you to run on your laptop
    • I can also include a sd card with pictures from the build since i got the car and a list of all the miscellaneous parts used.
    I HIGHLY recommend viewing this or giving me a call to discuss details about this car (ill also remove all the stickers before sale)

    Jay 07947799519