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Want to buy broken haltech ecu

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  • Want to buy broken haltech ecu

    Anyone got a bad haltech ecu that they want to sell me I’ve always wanted one but can’t afford a working one but I’m good with electrical repair maybe I can fix one thanks

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    IMO, It's a bad idea.
    How advanced is your SMD rework station?

    Don't get me wrong, if you have a decent microscope and SMD tools, like say, LouisRossmann on youtube has (he fixes macs) then I'm in full support of you trying.

    But even then, what if it's corrupted one of the EEPROMs?
    Yes, I own an EEPROM flasher, and I assume you do too if you repair electronics, but where would you get the HEX\BIN file to reflash?!

    Most Haltechs can be found 2nd hand with a short loom for about $1k AUD, they're not very expensive; especially comapred to the electronics repair machinery you must have, if you're thinking about fixing a damaged one.


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      I’m pretty good with electronics my friend has all the stuff to do it thanks man
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        fair enough, but now you have me curious
        Where would you source the EEPROM to flash?


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          Well know that would be the problem I would have to repair what ever is shorted and just hope I get lucky that it’s still there not likely considering that most of the time it’s guaranteed to be gone but I want to try further more I have one of these I could just copy from a good chip but at that point I would just save and buy a new one I’m just looking for one to play with Highly not likely someone would let me operate on perfectly good one
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