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**iso ka24e parts**

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  • **iso ka24e parts**

    I know this is a long shot and I will probably have a better chance winning the lottery currently searching for a side draft set up. Mainly intake manifold. And yes I understand what I just asked for. I dont care what condition they are in or if they are clean and pretty or look like they have been buried in a salvage yard for 30 years. If anyone knows someone willing to make them that would work too. Im not set up yet to make something like that and my time is limited to begin with.

    **I also have an upper intake for 89-90 240sx if anyone is interested.
    ** located in Rome Ga

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    ┬┐Have you tried in Amayama?

    Sometimes they surprise you with their catalog.

    Maybe the Nissan Prairie, which was released with the KA24E (between other engines).
    Hands Dirty +100kw
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      Wasnt aware of Amayama. Ill check it out. Thanks!