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VW Polo 86c (Mk2F) 1992 door trim clips

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  • VW Polo 86c (Mk2F) 1992 door trim clips

    Evening everyone, i am currently working on my Polo 86c and had to change the door trim since a previous owner had butchered the trim to make room for speakers.
    The problem however is that the door trims i bought didn't come with the clips that are glued on the door trim and the clips that are supposed to be attached in the metall has been removed by the aforementioned owner.

    Does anyone have these clips and is willing to sell them?
    If not i would also gladly receive any information if anyone knows any aftermarket clips that would do the job.

    Unfortunately i do not have a picture of the clips.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I know the type of clips

    Have you tried eBay? It's been a while since I removed a door card from a mk2f. I'll maybe see my mates one this weekend, he used to work for a VW dealer he might have some.
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      Have you tried VW dealerships? Or maybe get them at a wrecking yard? Any VW from that same era will probably use the same clips. Can't you remove the clips from the old doortrim?


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        I tried looking for them on ebay, wrecking yards, VW dealers and just googling it. But only found a small shop from Holland that has the clips attached to the doors, but i don't know if they are in stock and if they sell them to anyone. I did e-mail them and asked if they are available and what they cost but still no answer.

        ​​​​They seem to be one of a kind just for the polo Mk2/Mk2F.
        According to the VW dealer they stopped manufacturing them in 2006. And the ones glued on to the door cards are a part of the door cards and can not be bought seperately.

        The old door cards where stripped and screwed in to the doors so nothing of value can be salvaged from them. The new door cards i bought from a wrecker had only one still glued on... According to them the others broke during dissasembly so they threw them away...

        I highly appreciate your help and can only hope your mate knows anything. As stated, even if i have to use aftermarket stuff it's fine as long as it works. So information on suitable replacements are much appreciated as well.