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WTB! Seeking Small Engine!

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  • WTB! Seeking Small Engine!

    Chasing a small (and I mean, Small)
    car engine, 2cyl, 3cyl engine (Will be used as a Rear engine, Rear wheel drive) engines only going in a Golf Cart, yep, or any other suggestions, right now no rear axle just yet, Located in Brisbane (4114)!
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    Ride on mower engine maybe?

    Anything from a Diatahsu is probably going to be the smallest you find in the country.
    Or a Sherpa.

    Rotarys are tiny.

    Perhaps an electric hub engine from a crashed prius?

    You always have motorbike engines to consider also!
    Once a motorbike is crashed, they rarely get repaired, so engines are quite easy to come by.


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      id love to get my hands on a rotary, but i'd get in all kinds of trouble with that haha, Diatahsu wouldnt be a bad idea, depending on the engine people have been rather creative with getting more go out of them, now the electric hub engine from a prius is just a damn good idea, at the moment all i have access to is a 450cc honda quad but its in unknown condition, been sitting in a friends backyard for about 8 months now haha!


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        Nice big 1.3L V-Twin from a crashed harley.

        Thu-dump-tha-dump your way around. Gotta love the unequal conrod lengths.