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WTB Stock SR20DET parts (Sydney)

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  • WTB Stock SR20DET parts (Sydney)

    Gday everyone.

    Looking to get some parts for a +T N15 im working on.

    My budget is negotiable but im essentially looking for stock parts as a factory snail will be more than enough for a +T on my little SSS.

    Specifically im looking for any and all parts I can use for this mod with a strong preference for factory parts.

    Injectors (GTiR, S13/14/15)
    Oil cooler
    Intercooler (factory top mount preference but front mount is cool too)
    brake callipers (GTiR or R33 as ive got a thread bookmarked of brake upgrade info for the N15)
    turbo manifold
    t25 factory turbo

    Feel free to send me any advice or info in a direct message as I'm sure there's already a billion threads with info on the swap (or even links you've come across)

    Would also consider complete FWD/AWD SR20DET to straight swap and potentially save time/money

    No time frame on the build although I'd like to take it to the track some time this year.

    As stated above, any info including places youre aware of that may stock stuff im going to need or links to other +T build threads as even if I've already read it it'd be good to have the links.

    Hope to have this car together and engineered this year and when I have the parts i need ill start a build thread.

    (I do have a turbo manifold and a couple of other things already but having spares for the build is probably best)

    Cheers legends.

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    Just a two things I can tell ya when converting an NA car

    - Intercoolers really aren't required below 9psi; they help of course, but simply running more fuel can result in equivalent cooling.
    - Oil cooler certainly isn't required, most of the stock coolers are actually heaters, allowing the oil to warm to the same temp as the water, sooner. These days you can just run synthetic oil and it should handle the heat just fine.

    I like projects like this; what ECU's going to run this? have you considered building a speeduino?


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      Hey man thanks for the info there.

      I intend on using this mainly for fun at the track rather than a daily driver so ill most likely still go with the intercooler but if its not necessary there's not much need need spend more on the oil cooler.

      As far as ECU I was thinking of either going with NIStune although it might work out cheaper to go with a piggyback like the GReddy E-manage but there's still alot more research to do before I decide on that.

      I'd like to get alot of the mechanical stuff out of the way before I start tackling the computer side... the mechanical stuff just comes easier to me and the ECU stuff is super confusing.


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        Thats cool; yeah, an intercooler is always better, but lots of cars, especially nissans (like the Zed's) didn't have one; because they ran low boost, and what makes the heat, is compressing the air.

        Just keep in mind the car will be completely stranded until you decide on an ECU; there's no limping it here and there, the second you swap injectors, the fueling is immeasurably wrong at ALL levels\throttle.