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Need some advice.

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  • Need some advice.

    Hey guys and gals, I've got a problem on my hands and could use some help.

    The problem:
    I'm almost certain that the problem lies within the starter motor, when you turn the key, it's almost like having a flat battery, it tries to turn over but does not quite make it. The problem is only recent, and has been getting worse, to the point of taking 5 attempts and flooring the accelerator pedal to get it running today.
    The battery appears to be charged, getting 13V DC on my multimeter, which leads me to believe it's the starter.

    Starter motors can be bought off eBay for $110 from a wreckers to $220 for new. The problem being this car is my main transportation and as my parents are away and currently I do not have an income I'm faced with this debate.

    Do I try to fix it myself?
    Or should I take it to the Auto sparky?

    It's not that I don't know how to replace it, it's that I don't want to mess things up further.

    Thanks in advance
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    Take it to an auto sparky first who will be able to diagnose for sure what the problem is. It is entirely up to you but where possible I try avoid starter motor swaps because they are such a pita to get out on some cars.