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Falcon FG2 outputs on the head unit ..

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  • Falcon FG2 outputs on the head unit ..


    Does anyone know if the head unit or ICC as ford calls it has RCA sub out?

    I don't really want to pull it out till I know for sure..

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    Candy sugar tastes like booger..

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    From what I know about the FGs they dont have any RCA's, If you want to keep the stock HU you could look into a line converter to run a sub amp. hit up, they will have all you need to know.


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      Yeah asked the same question there and no one knew..
      I figure I'm going to have to run a line converter.

      I just need to figure out what form I want the sub to take. I don't want to use a sub box as I loose enough boot space to the spare.

      A mate of mine years ago had a Subaru Vortex / Alcyone with dual 12 inch subs mounted on thick MDF firing directly into the back the the rear seats. So it used the entire boot as a sound box. Once he stopped the boot from rattling it sounded awesome. But I can't do anything that can't be easily removed ... I'll need to do some research ..
      Sugar candy tastes real dandy..
      Candy sugar tastes like booger..


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        no rcas mang, if you pull it all out out there is only 2 connectors at the back for the wiring loom

        aaaaaaaaa S K Y L I N E


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          Damn ..

          Thanks nut for the confirmation..

          Looks like its a line converter.

          Does that mean the sub amp is built into the premium head unit?
          Sugar candy tastes real dandy..
          Candy sugar tastes like booger..


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            unless you have premium sound there's no sub option, the way the sub in premium sound is done is its wired into the rear speakers using a low pass filter then into the amp

            so 1 of these which wire into the rear speakers what you will have to do is open up the speakers & remove, splice into them some speaker wire & run into your boot to the line converter which will be plugged into the amp, or wire it directly into the rear speakers behind the radio if you wish to hide the line converter & just use a aux cable

            then its just a matter of hooking up the power cable like a normal amp & the wire the amp on/off wire to 1 of your accessories either in the fuse box or your ignition switch, or... you can wire it to the acc on the radio.


            hope this helps point you in the right direction, i have a BA and i know how much of a pain it is not having premium sound ICC
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