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Difference between a 'Mid Bass Driver/Midwoofer' and a Subwoofer?

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  • Difference between a 'Mid Bass Driver/Midwoofer' and a Subwoofer?

    As per title, not really sure about the differences, I've read its just that a subwoofer can reach lower frequencies?
    I want to get some bass playing in my MR2 but I don't want anything bigger than 5-1/4" because I want to put it in the stock location of the OEM sub. So I've done some researching and most results came up with the 'mid bass drivers' and stuff. I don't really know much about audio so any help would be appreciated

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    Midbass drivers usually stand alone speakers that have frequency response range in mid range as per their names and are usually paired with tweeters to provide full dynamic range of sound (as with component speaker sets). Not really optimal for bass but fill out music better.

    One other option you could go for is maybe mounting a 6-1/2" sub or 8" sub in the center console area or in the rear part or so.. I'm not that familiar with MR2 interiors but it's just another option which coupled with component speaker set would provide quite good sound coverage with extra bass.
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      One is usually part of a component set (The lower end/ mid range speaker from the component set) one is a subwoofer, that plays the lower down frequencies.
      So, one is made to play <120hz the other like 60-2000hz? don't quote me on that, I don't think mids go that high. I can't remember exactly what it is, but it's the mid range, at least.


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        Firstly sizing has alot of to with these. Firstly a midrange/midwoofer for the basic install is the same thing.

        Lets start with the sub or subwoofer, these are generally alot larger right? Then thats the best way to understand why they play lower, subs are needed for the real low end extension below 60hz, you can play them up to 80hz but generally speaking they will just fit 20hz up to about 80hz.

        Look at this 3way set of speakers from Focal.

        Midwoofers will generally play 60-80hz up to about 300hz in a more complicated 3 way install, that install features 3 drivers, now we have covered the mid woofer, these will basically be the largest in the set of three. The smaller driver but not as small as the tweeter is used as a dedicated "midrange" these generally play 300hz up to about 4000-5000hz (4-5khz) then the smaller tweeter takes over.

        So basically in a 2 way split system you have a midwoofer/midrange in one and then a tweeter, the smaller the midwoofer the more you will need a subwoofer, a small driver in most cases will struggle to get lower than a driver that is larger than it.