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Nissan Skyline R33 car battery ?

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  • Nissan Skyline R33 car battery ?

    i want to replace the car battery of my Nissan Skyline R33 series 2

    which battery is good ? make and model no ?

    where can i get one ? super cheep auto or repco ?

    please help me . . .

    and thanks in advance . . .

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    i go to battery world for my batteries and they are really good but can be a bit pricey


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      There a rip.. Depends what you want.. I always get a maintenance free battery as they can't leak... Battery fluids corrosive so it will cause rust!! Super cheap are one of the cheapest!! I plan to buy a spoon battery next.. And there 400 Buck's.. But thats over kill... The battery from NRMA are very good also!!
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        I had a Supercharge Battery in my old R33. you can get them at most auto elects and i think they are a few hundred. They are basically a deep cycle battery, so its good for a car that has 50mile of cabling from the battery to the starter motor.

        The thing you need to remember is clearance between the battery and the speakers. since the battery is in the boot there is minimal space in there. the other thing too is to get a fully sealed battery.. the original owner in Japan with my skyline had a normal battery in there and it didn't explode but it leaked out and made the whole boot have heaps of surface rust. not very pretty.

        DC2R. i wouldn't suggest to get a Spoon battery for your teg. They are good batteries don't get me wrong, but they are not suited for road use. They are a normal battery but smaller, and this gives you lower cranking amps. If you track your car then it can be worth it to get a spoon battery to chuck in every time you go to the track, but for daily stuff, not going to be worth it, especially if you want to listen to the radio while you park your car. and for the 2kg or so you loose from the battery its not going to make a huge difference to the handling of the car.

        In my civic i use an optima yellow top, but the red top is just as good. huge cranking amps, and they last for ever. with the abuse i gave the yellow top in the jazz (5,000wrms wound system and running it nearly flat when i was tuning a sound system) its still going 5 years later also since they are calcium batteries, you can fit them upside down (not that you would) and they won't leak.
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          any non service battery that is suitable for your car will do the job nice, battery is a battery at the end of the day provided your not running some fully tabooli hektik uleh system im pretty sure supercheap / repco / auto one will have something on the shelf that will do the job just fine,

          i read alot on other forums people plugging odyssey batterys till there blue in the face but id be willing to bet that less then 1% of them have acutally owned an odyssey them selfs, iv seen 2 fail now one of them in my own car and another in a previoud car i built, both were returned on warrenty, personally id avoid them in the future...

          half diecent battery gona set you back at least $200ish



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            supercheap or repco have a good stock, i'd suggest going with one of theirs, never really heard much go wrong with them. you wont need a ton of power anyway, unless as stated before you've got a heap of accessories or a sound system.

            optima yellow tops.......soz but they're probably the biggest rip off in terms of batteries. pathetic AH rate and the CCA isn't up to par with the price. odyssey's arent bad, used to do a fair few installs with them back in the day, never gave much of a problem. deka intimidator's are mad as well if you can get your hands on some. but for a reliable, powerful, relatively cheap, well-branded rugged, durable and flexible battery, can't really go past SSB's line of AGM batteries. awesome things they are and they're readily available on ebay.


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              I'm with Milkchicken on this one! Optima for the win! The most reliable battery I have ever purchased and over the past 9 years owning it, it's been in 5 different cars and still cranks the car over in -40c weather perfectly!

              Oh just read other posts... why all the optima hate? They expensive where you guys are?
              Mine was $120CAD which is what I paid for a stock battery (Or maybe we are grossly over priced on stock batters! haha)



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                Remember they come with warranty.. So you get what you pay for.. I have a mate that always leave the stero cranked when the car's off.. he goes through a battery every couple of months.. LOL as soon as the battery flat you fcuk it.. It will never be the same!!
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                  Originally posted by therin View Post
                  Oh just read other posts... why all the optima hate? They expensive where you guys are?
                  compared with what you COULD get for the same price, yes they're expensive. unless you can find a dealer somewhere i guess, price from the auto shops is insane, ebay isn't much better. nowhere near $120-$150. i wish deka 9a31's were readily available in australia, in america they're cheap as and are excellent for audio applications.


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                    Why not make a battery.. if i remember right a fresh lemon with a copper and zinc nail. puts out .8 volts.. So put 16 lemon battery's in series and you'll have 12.8 volt's.... You may need to put thoughs 16 lemon in Parallel with another 1000 lots of 16 lemon battery to have anoth crank to start it.. But it will be a good leaning curve!! LOL food for thought!!

                    To add for real now.. you may need to change your battery terminals if there corroded.. Bad connection at terminals will make it harder to crank and shorten life of the battery!!
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                    Youtube JDMTEGR