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Any other car audio nuts on here?

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  • Any other car audio nuts on here?

    Wether you're a seasoned SPL vet, or just some youngin with 2 flea market 12"s, you're all bassheads in my book. Any pics of subs/amps/installs?

    Currently working on designing a box for this little beauty. Built in Las Vegas, NV by FI Car Audio. This budget 15" beast delivers the lows that your chinese kickers would struggle to even touch

    Controller for size reference. Might notice i have two different colored sticks on that controler. Gaming a little too hard? i'll say... lol.

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    Got any pics of it installed?
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      Damn i envy you. I was going to import a pair of 12" btl first gens, but decided against it. Now that the second gen is out, bit more expensive and more to ship it here. Decided on a pair of 12" SSA Xcons, theyre a more musical sub than the btl's but still maintain solid spl. I was very tempted by a pair of 12" zcons but theyre damn xpensive and craploads to ship to australia. But yea, saving money currently for other pursuits but i will get them soon.


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        Gawd dam look at that thing, if you put it in a mirc or similar sized car you would have to work out ample weight distribution because i bet it weighs more than mirca


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          lol that isnt even big. thats the FI x-series. the entry level. Heres the monster 15" BTL.

          Asfar as zcons and dcons, dont waste the money, spend it on something from the sundown audio SA line.

          Currently designing a transmission line enclosure for the 15" X series.

          The sub i originally posted only weighs like 18 lbs, that btl weighs in excess of 70 lbs tho.


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            nah, zcon is overkill for my wants, dcon isn't enough, but the xcon is what i need. the amount of positive reviews about it is crazy. i was considering sundown, i already have a sax200.4 and saz3500d for amplification and i know it's quality stuff, so maybe. another contender is incriminator audio, if i want something to destroy my car more than the xcons can.


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              This is what I have, a DLS OA8.

              Currently only one, gonna get a new amp and then I'll be able to run two of these beauties.


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                Inciminators really aren't that good unless you're buying a warden or DP. I have first hand experience with all of the all DCs except the lvl-6, dcons, xcons, zcons, sundowns, and skars... and for the money, sundowns and DC Audio's are the best on the market, price wise.

                As far as amps, sundown is a complete joke. They sell good stuff, but they use the same build house as crescendo, and the crescendo 5500 and sundown 5500 use the same exact board, yet, the sundown costs more than twice as much as the crescendo does...

                Check out crescendo car audio if you plan on buying another big-budget amp. Their site hasnt been updated in forever, but if you call they'll tell you what they have. I think they currently have a 1600/2, 1000/4, 2500/1, 3500/1, and 5500/1 amps. If thats not enough, there are rumors of a new 8000/1 might see for next years production run.

                As far as your Zcon thing, i'll tell you how good they truely are when i get mine. Im going to be using a zcon 12" on a crescendo 3500 @ .45 ohms daily in my daily driver, once i can finally find a company that can build a 300+ amp alt that will fit my engine...

                Stay away from ANYTHING that has neo magnets for daily use. They just dont perform anywhere as well as their ferrite counterparts.

                Also, i wish i had more monies...

                a clamshell of DLS 15"s would be amazing in my suburban. x.x

                I have 4 rockford 1501s i could use as well :3 6500w rms @ 1.5 ohms would do the job, i think.

                If you need an enclosure design for that 8" of yours, let me know ;D
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                  Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                  This budget 15" beast delivers the lows that your chinese kickers would struggle to even touch
                  well thats not true.


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                    Its very true, i've owned both, and have both in enclosures optimal for the t/s parameters that i've measured myself. That one 15" was able to get 4dB louder than two CVR 15"s, on half the power.

                    Kickers are absolute garbage pal, sorry to tell ya :/


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                      so what SPL levels did you get from each setup? how much power?

                      yesterday you told us you were just designing a box for the new sub, so in that time, you've designed, built, and tested?


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                        That box was for right when i got the sub, for break in. The suspension was super stiff back then, resulting in a higher SPL value. In my old jeep that was heavily dampened (dont remember the box specs for these) the CVR 15"s did a 145 at 50hz, 143 at 40hz, 138 at 30hz, and 136 at 25hz. The X 15" in 8 ft^3 @ 34hz (dont remember port area off hand) did a 148 at 50hz, 145 at 40hz, 139 at 30hz, and 138 at 25hz. The drop in SPL was because that port wasnt flared like it should have been, and i lost alot of velocity because of it.

                        The CVR 15"s were on a rockford 1501bd, rated at 1600w RMS at 1.5 ohms, was wired down to .9 ohms. I didnt measure rise, but i would assume it was rising to about 1.7 ohms based on the power i was reading from the amp. the single 2 ohm X series with BP power phase plug, on just a rockford 400.1, was louder than twice the cone area, on 3x the power :3

                        I have a video of the FI 15" on a rockford 300.2 on one of my old cards. I sold the box to a buddy, because it was almost perfect for a sundown audio SA-15, that he had just bought.

                        the CVRs and the quad chamber 4th order they were in (due to the QTS value of .55) were stolen when i was on vacation, about a year and a half ago. ;_;

                        Glad i had insurance, lol.

                        The box im currently designing is for the broken in X15, the t/s parameters have changed quite alot since when i bought it. I can do a comparison if you'd like.
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                          what were the specs of the 4th order?


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                            i paid $500 for the saz3500d and about $450 for the sax200.4, there was no way i was paying retail price for them. i have no complaints about them, they have a good solid output stage that can handle some decent abuse. the fan in the 200.4 is a bit noisy though, i'll replace it with something a bit better later on. i also like the look of their amps, not particularly showy but they still look big and clean.

                            for your alternator, give Mechman a call. they built me a 220A alternator for my hyundai, complete with wiring harness, mounts and all necessary hardware. it cost around $500 i think and they did it pretty quickly too. it's been very reliable, never had any problems and maintains shitloads of output. with my lights on, fan on full, all accessories on and the music cranked right up it wont even drop below 14V, the lowest it got to was about 14.1V. it does charge quite high with the inbuilt regulator, around 14.8-14.9V, but with your car the wiring harness may have a voltage adjustment on it, i was wondering where my adjustment screw was but it turns out my alternator doesn't come with one. if you ask them to leave the regulator out of the alternator and get a seperate regulator i'm sure they'll be fine with it, that's if you want to control what it regulates at, for like comps and daily driving etc. I also found that the inbuilt regulator can be a bit slow sometimes, not much to worry about usually but maybe in a competition you'll want something a bit more reliable.


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                              ive just stolen a fusion encounter 12 inch sulbwolfer and it does 200 db all day long on heavy metal music braaahhh
                              but seriously i love car audio and i am definatly a car audio nut, great to see that there are others on here
                              stay bassy
                              GO THE MIGHTY SUBARU FOR THE WIN!