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Radio wiring 2007 impreza

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  • Radio wiring 2007 impreza

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of changing my headunit, but due to the last person that changed a headunit didn't use a iso harness so I've got a mess on my hands. Anyway coming out of the car is a yellow, yellow/purple, purple and a power amplifier wire that are the only ones I haven't paired up. I am 99% sure the yellow is accessory power. Now the problem, I only have two more wires left on the headunit harness, one being accessory power and the other a power amplifier. I can't seem to find what the yellow/purple and purple wires are for. So basically I have four wires coming out of the car and two coming into the headunit and this is confusing me immensely. Any help would be appriciated

    note, with the headunit out I've lost central locking and interior lights which I thought was strange.
    also, the manual for the headunit says some cars need power amplifiers to be connected but some cars you should NEVER connect them
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