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Audison bit ten + speakers + input questions. I am not great with car audio.

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  • Audison bit ten + speakers + input questions. I am not great with car audio.

    Ive slapped lots of amps and head units in but never a proper system. I would like to install an audison bit ten into my lotus esprit. There is no rear section so imagine it quite like a truck or ute. I have two boxes built in behind the seats but the volume is super low making them almost usless. I would like to hog these out and add subs.
    But heres where it gets interesting. My factory doors didnt have speakers instead they were in the dash. I am using audi a6 doors minus the sub nclosures due to space. That gives me mids and tweeters. I was thinking about running seperate tweeter mid and sub channels with the bit ten. I don't know if it supports that. I am pawing through the manual I do know it works with the bit one but dunno about the ten.

    The other bit ten question is input. Can I just input from my phone or other 3.5 mm/usb to rca device a and get good quality. I plan on using the audi tweeters because they are pretty good but I think I will ditch the mids for some good money replacments because the audi units are only 2.5inch. I do have the rear mids mounted in the car now and they sound great so I may use them for now those are 5 inch.

    The plan if someone can confirm is to have a phone/tablet running to the bit ten with the digital controller for volume. Then running wire to a 5 in the door and tweeter on separate channels. Then I want to RTA??? The system. Aka have someone or set it up my self for proper delay and EQ. Then I want to run two small subs off the bits sub channel behind the seats or under the dash.
    Can anyone say that it will or wont work?
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    If you have not yet bought the bit then, I would consider the Phoenix gold 4 channel with built in dsp. You get 4 channels of amplification with full dsp capabilities. You get a built in RTA on both the input and output. You have 8 channels of total dsp control. I would use the built in amp to run full active front stage and add a monoblock to power a or multiple subs.

    The phone/tablet is not ideal straight into the processor as the output is already amplified for headphone/speaker out. Best bet would be using the DAC (digital to analog converter) of the head unit or an external DAC with a line level out into the processor.


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      Already have the bit... I answered my own questions... Should have deleted the thread but thanks for the input.... I am far into this car now and plan on using the bit with a 4 ch
      Permanent rev limiter = the crank popping out to say ELLO!!!!