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Replacing charging port

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  • Replacing charging port

    Hi guys. I just bought KKMoon gps unit with USB port etc so i can use it as a head unit...like a display in my car. but it destroys the look the charging port on the side and aux on the side...how can i re locate them from there...so they are from under the unit so the cables are not visible.

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    Maybe try looking for a phone mount that will fit this and turn it to be portrait and run it that way if it will work?
    May not work but just an idea


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      well i want to keep the screen the way it is...it is connected to the car audio system and...now i want the charging cable to be mounted from under the unit...so the cable is not visiable...so using different mount wont help since i dont use mount its glued in place...so it looks oem...


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        I know I say this to a lot of you guys but photos of how it looks now please. I cant help you with just words on an astetic deal.


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          If you want to relocate the ports, there is one and only solution, take appart the case of the unit, find the port, unsolder it and try to relocate it by extending it with some cable and make a new hole in the case.

          Depending on the internals of the unit it could be really easy, or really hard (even impossible)

          The only other way I see is to make the unit fit inside the dash, the cables on the side will be invisibles, but you will loose access to all the other connectors in the process (and it might be a pain in the a**)

          If you have any electronic related questions, I'm your guy !

          My car : MG TF (2003)