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R34 Reverse Light Wiring Manual Convert

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  • R34 Reverse Light Wiring Manual Convert

    Hey team,

    My first post on these forums but I have just purchased a 99' R34 sedan running just a rb25de with a sr20det manual box.
    Now I have found the reverse switch output on the gear box but I have no clue where I need to link this plug to get the reverse lights to come on when I put it into reverse.
    It is just dangling off the side of the box with no other spare wires anywhere to be seen..

    Help please

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    What was in the car originally? I'm guessing an auto box, and then you will need to find where it's reverse switch was. For my Toyota it's where the shifter cable connected to the auto box, in a connector with 7 wires.

    Your best bet is to search the internet for the wiring diagrams for your car as it was originally and find the reverse switch in there.


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      Some cars its a little mitcroswitch that the shifter shaft hits