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Mk3 Golf GL Audio Issues

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  • Mk3 Golf GL Audio Issues

    Hey guys, having some electrical issues with 3 corners of my car. Electrical work is where i fail in knowledge.
    Everything is 100% stock
    I checked the balance on the head unit and it was 50/50
    Checked the fuse and it was working fine.
    Removed drivers side door speaker to do a continuity test with the speaker wiring, no power.
    Turned balance all the way over to the side that has no working speakers and all i can make out is small crackling and popping noises.

    Would this be broken speakers or perhaps bad wiring? I find it weird that the passenger front tweeter and speaker work whilst all 3 other corners do not.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can disconect cable between doors and car body. Then find pinout of this connector and check wire continuity. Fron connector to speakers and from connector on car to head unit. It could be damaged wire. Usualy in door hinge area.


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      Late reply, thanks for replying to me! Turns out the head unit was fried, all the speakers work fine with the new head unit! Cheers!