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LED Brake lights

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  • LED Brake lights

    Dad decided to upgrade the brake lights of his 1993 mitsi pajero with LED bulbs.

    And so we bought proper double contact (1157) LED bulbs since that's what fits. However, after installing the LED bulbs, when I switch On the parking lights, the LEDs do not light up. But when I step on the brake pedal, they do light up.

    I have also tried testing the bulbs straight to the battery and they work just fine.

    We really want the LED's installed.

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    In the past I have purchased some crap LED bulbs. Ill suggest this if you havent already tried it yet. Make sure the contacts arent too pressed against the bulb base. Pry them a bit with a razor or screwdriver. They might fit the base but dont make contact.


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      The contacts on mine isn't like yours. But I did suspect contact issues. So, in an attempt to address the problem, I tried adding more solder to the contacts of the LED bulb. but still, no luck.

      I gave up anyways, I'll get back to it later. I had sent the bulbs back to the seller. hee hee hee.


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        Did you get the correct type though?

        There's different types of 2 pole bulbs BAY/BAZ/BAU 15D etc the locator pins are eaasily bent and the wrong ones won't let the bulb sit correctly. it'll either half work or not work at all
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          Sorry for the terribly delayed response.
          have gotten very busy lately, but anyhoo I decided to return the bulbs. I might try looking for other LED bulbs thanks for the answer! I'll take note of what you've mentioned.