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Subaru WRX 2018 OEM head unit system MirrorLink function, Anyone made it working ?

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  • Subaru WRX 2018 OEM head unit system MirrorLink function, Anyone made it working ?

    I have Subaru WRX 2018 Premium, came with 7" OEM Audio Entertainment / Navigation (head unit)

    It has MirrorLink, I believe It is 1.0 Mirror Link version,
    Head unit Firmware: MA9602 version

    Subaru Australia never supported MirrorLink officially i believe , From my knowledge all Aus WRX / STi 2017 and 2018 with 7" head unit has active MirrorLink client / agent on it

    Each time I try to plug MirrorLink enabled Samsung Note 5 or S7 (2nd phone) to car usb, infotainment system simply takes my mobile phone over.
    My phone is Samsung Note 5, Android 7.0, Mirror Link 1.1

    My phone becomes inoperable via it's touch screen interface and showing message as "You device and car are connected via Mirror Link". Attached photo
    But on other hand infotainment system simply does not recognizing the phone to control via infotainment system using Mirror Link compatible apps on the phone like rockscout
    Mirror Link option under Apps remains grayed in head unit.

    I believe infotainment system has Mirror link 1.0 and All phones these days have 1.1 - Root cause of the problem

    Anyone had any luck connecting any android phone to Subaru Mirror Link ?
    Any help welcome

    Anyone Updated Subaru Headunit firmware to support mirrolink 1.1?

    This guide is available on internet how to update firmware

    With video Guide

    But Subaru no longer have firmware files from
    This location is listed in the Video

    Someone from Australia managed to get MirrorLink work with WRX STi2018 with firmware upgrade, But instructions are not clear enough

    Suggestions please and many thanks in advance.