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2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Audio Install with interior trim removal photos

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  • 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Audio Install with interior trim removal photos

    Hey everyone! In Canada this thing is called the 'sport' trim with the 6MT. I've done some minor bolt on mods: Legacy GT suspension, rear sway, and now I'm putting in a Sony XAV-AX210 to get some sweet sweet android auto. The beginning of this current bout of mod-itis is over on Legacy GT.com where I covered the head unit and steering wheel control install here: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthre...ra-280449.html

    Right now I'm wiring up my rear view camera and ran into a couple tricky points with the interior disassembly that I thought I might share. Everything I could find online said "just pull on the pillar trims" which is probably fine for an experienced guy but a relative newbie like myself needs far more hand-holding.

    The A-pillar has a small T-shaped retaining post at the top that needs to be twisted 90 degrees before the top of that trim can come out. 3rd pic in this post, you can see the diagram. After that it can be pulled out starting from the top.

    The B-pillar actually needs to be removed from the middle. Use a trim removal tool to get between the door gasket and the trim piece. The pink retaining clips are about a hands width below the join between the black and tan pieces. Once you've popped those out you can separate the upper and lower pieces by pulling the retaining tabs (pic 4) and sliding the tan piece between the black piece and the door frame. The upper part is only held in by the headliner at this point and can be pulled down easily (pic 5)
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    Anyone know what this random 4-pin connector hidden behind the D-pillar goes to? It doesn't have accessory or constant power running through it on any pin.
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      C-pillar has to have the seatbelt bolt removed before you can pull it out.

      Pull down and towards the middle of the car from the top.


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        Well shit... The camera doesn't seem to work. Hooked it up to the backup light for power, quickly plugged in the RCA to test it and I get no video signal on any channel on the HU. The LED on the camera unit works, so I think I did that part right at least. Time to argue with the retailer on Amazon and see what I can find out.
        of note, this is the camera I got:
        HD 1280x720p Reversing Camera... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07V69C8Q4?...p_mob_ap_share
        It only has an LED on one side of the camera, so I wouldn't recommend it if someone has the patience to search for one that has LEDs on both sides.

        Edit: tried a different power source and still didn't get video. I'm thinking it's DOA.
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          Installed the sub in the trunk liner. Encountered two issues:

          1) finding a good ground close to the sub without using a self-tapping screw. Rust in Canada is an aggressive mother, so I wanted to use an existing fixture. I ended up having just enough wire to connect to the rear seat bolt. I snipped off the terminal that came with the installation kit and crimped on a large ring terminal that could go right over the bolt.

          2) I haven't figured out a good way to secure the sub in the foam. I tried using the feet and 3 carpet screws that came with it, but they've already started to loosen and shift. I might try self-adhesive velcro.


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            I ran the power wire for my Garmin Mini dashcam into the center console and used the 12V source and the adapter you see in the picture to keep all the wiring internal. My goal was to not have any random wires sticking out, and I'm quite pleased. Yes, that is hockey tape used to clean up the wires.

            I also cleaned up the USB connection to the head unit by ordering a simple single point pigtail and using a hole saw to mount the connector beside the 12V outlet below the HVAC controls. Really happy with how clean this came out. Will allow me to flash software or change the type of cord without having to remove the trim around the radio.