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Cassete adapter?

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  • Cassete adapter?

    I bought an old car and found something interesting... Looks like cassette adapter: s-l640.jpg
    who knows how to use it?

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    The cassette gets inserted to the tape deck with the cable being the last piece of the cassette to be inserted.
    If not the whole thing gets jammed in the tape deck.
    The audio plug gets plugged into an audio source be it phone or what ever.
    Turn the audio source to about 80% volume and no more
    Reason for this the source will be nice and loud and no distortion.
    Then turn the cassette header unit on and adjust the volume accordingly


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      Excellent. Glad to be of assistance


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        I have a few of them from years gone by; they sound like ass, but they get the job done in a classic car where original tape deck is more important than the best quality sound.


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          If you are going to maintain the classic stereo, those adapters are the way to go.

          You can also use a FM transmitter, than creates a personal FM station, which you can dial on your car audio (the range is limited).