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Revering sensor problem

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  • Revering sensor problem

    Hi guys,

    So this morning I go to turn on my radio of my Citroen while sat in traffic. The radio starts playing, along with my reverse sensor chime. Like a steady beat over the top. It's a problem that doesn't affect the car's driving in any way, but is quite an inconvenience!

    Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking that maybe the audio for the reverse sensors are played through the speakers? Something 's not quite right, but it's a french car, so to be expected, right?

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    What Citro├źn do you have?

    I've had a similar problem on my C4 Coupe VTS where the rear parksensors came on randomly (as in, on the motorway at 130km/h), but also the reversing lights. The reversing lights are being activated by a simple switch in the gearbox or near the gearlever. So it might be that in your case.

    If you have front sensors on your car aswell, they usually activate when driving slowly. If they start beeping it might be dirt on the sensors, wipe them all with your finger and see if that solves it.
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      I have a C4 too, just the smooth snail-looking one. It was a heavy rain when the problem occurred, and now that it's dried out, it seems to have fixed itself!


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        Happend to me to, I had one sensor replaced and it was fixed for a while and then it came back. The fault has been permanent for 2 months now