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What is this wire? (Stereo Replacement - 2005 Hilux)

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  • What is this wire? (Stereo Replacement - 2005 Hilux)

    Couple weeks ago I bought a second hand 2005 4x4 Dual Cab TD, and I'm looking to replace everything relating to audio, which has all been untouched (i.e. factory) up until now. I've got a new double DIN Kenwood and the two adapter harnesses I need to plug everything in. When I crack open the dash and took out the factory stereo, I was greeted with this bizarre wire latched onto just ONE of the prongs in the female adapter, and I'm currently at a loss as to how to adapt it to my new harness.

    The equipment I've got:
    1) Kenwood DPX-M3200BT Double DIN Head Unit
    2) Aerpro Wiring Harness - Suit Kenwood Head Units,APP8KE5
    3) Aerpro Wiring Harness - Suit Toyota, APP141

    Apologies if any of this is naff or done before, I'm still new to this.

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    If you can get a pic up, I'm sure I can help