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Cassette Jack won't work, will an aux jack in place of the CD charger will?

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  • Cassette Jack won't work, will an aux jack in place of the CD charger will?

    I recently got my hand on an old 92 Ford Sierra with a pretty good, period correct, stereo system. The radio is an Alpine TDM 7522M unit with a cassette player. I've tried to use a cassette jack adapator to play my ipod on it but it doesn't want to work.

    Either i get no sound at all, or i can get the music to play but the auto-reverse freaks out and keep switching side, wich cut the music every time it do. I've tried hacking the cassette by removing the wheel in it supposed to keep the auto reverse from actuating, i've tried to jam it in the stereo on it's "b" side, but no success. Regular cassettes plays just fine.

    Before getting a new stereo, i've come up with the idea of hacking the stereo itself. It can support a CD Charger (but doesn't have one) as an add-on, so if I soilder an aux jack to the cable who are supposed to recieve the signal from said charger, would i be able to connect and use my iPod that way?

    Also if that have chances to work how would i be able to know wich cable are the good ones? I don't have the original manual or wirering diagrams for that stereo and i can't find them on the internet.

    Thanks in advance for your answer, and excuse my broken english, i'm french and i'm not used to write in Shakespear language.

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    Very likely yes.
    Most old school CD changers had a signal section, and an output section.

    If the head unit is 'dumb' enough to let you select CD without the changer fitted, and you can locate the aux input, it should be fine.
    Remember this will be LINE LEVEL input, not AUX level input, so make sure your phone\ipod is at MINIMUM VOLUME to test it, or you're likely to blow up the pre-amp.

    Even then it might be distorted, and you'll need a cheap speaker to line converter; but they're pennies.