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Aftermarket Head Unit/ Screen - Audi A3 8PA 2004 - Help Needed

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  • Aftermarket Head Unit/ Screen - Audi A3 8PA 2004 - Help Needed

    Hi folks, I've recently tried to install an aftermarket head unit with media/ satnav screen in my brother's Audi A3 but there is no sound coming from the speakers except a low level static that almost 'pulses'. Also, there is a small section in the center of the instrument cluster that has lost it's display after the install. I'm thinking it is because of the CAN network that Audi seem to use and the new head unit just uses regular electric pixies (this due to google-ing potential fixes), and the fix is beyond me. Can anyone here help solve this?

    The arial connection (maybe) isn't needed so much as we have put in a DAB USB into the USB of the new unit and we can scan and get the DAB stations, just no audio.
    GPS/ Satnav maps work fine also, although there is no voice shouting at us when we inevitably miss our turning.

    The original Audi head unit is an Audi Concert single din unit. Here is a list of connected inputs (see below for pic of description sticker).
    • Top Connecter
      • Earth/ Ground
      • Main Live
      • BOSE
    • Bottom Connecter
      • Middle section
        • CAN-L
        • CAN-H
      • Right section
        • RF
        • RR
        • Positive Switch (according to google this is an amplifier switch)
        • COM
        • LF
        • LR
    There is also an arial connection and another yellow connection that looks something like a smaller arial connection.
    I have had to wire in a separate ignition live as there is none to the original head unit (all seems to be done through CAN) and the new unit needs one.

    I've also given a pic of the installation diagram of the new head unit for the wiring. Ignore most of the RCA feeds as they are for the reversing camera which we are not installing,

    New unit: