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  • Pioneer

    Hey guys/girls does anyone have experience with the pioneer avic-f50bt?? It came with my car but can't find out alot of info on it cause its discontinued now and wanted to connect my android phone to it to be able to use the touch screen but the cables to make that work CD-AH200 are no longer available and I've searched everywhere to find these cables so now looking for an alternative and have no clue what to look for, electrics aint my thing give me something mechanical im happy

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Looking at photos, only the HDMI output has a specific 'box' on it.

    Meaning those cables are likely simple USB to USB.

    So I'm expeting a simple USB-A to USB-C cable should do what you're hoping for


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      Thanks for the reply dude, yeh I have tried that with no joy I think I'm just going to see if I can trade it in but don't know if I could do that here in scotland for a android unit